Deimos Onion Anonymity

Deimos key features are those around privacy and Onion anonymity, based on RAS and AES algorithms. Deimos's fast transaction confirmation time allows it to move money quickly and reliably.

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What is Deimos


Deimos is a cryptocurrency built on the existing Binance smart chain and adheres to the BEP-20 token standard. The major purpose of this project is to provide the user with a secure and anonymous platform for safe transactions.

We aim to empower everyone with an independently run financial system to make the world capable of creating blockchain-based banking software that will allow the users to be their independent bank. Simple yet strong banking for everyone to support finances with easy access from every corner of the world is our mission.


Best Features

For investment and employment of Blockchain Technologies. To optimize your business case with blockchain technology and Smart Contracts.


Safe & Secure

DIO is a fair and safe project with a complete decentralized policy. The users can be a part of DIO with complete surety.


Early profit

Get started with Deimos to get early profit and gives you maximum profit. So you can Fulfill your dreams. Now invest init to get amzing profit.


Fast Transaction

Simply sign up to start trading Deimos instantly with both local and global users.And then get transaction all over the world.


RSA encryption

RSA algorithm is a set of cryptographic algorithms that are employed to provide security


Deimos for Beginners

Our ultimate beginner's guide will help you to get started.And allows to start trading through our guider's to get amzing profit.


24/7 Trading

Trade on a fully private platform. We’ll never ask you to share personal details with us.

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Road Map

Fulfill your Dreams with us

March - June 2023

Stage - 01 - Ongoing

Website Launch
Contract Deployment
DEX Listing (PancakeSwap)
Coinmarketcap Listing
CoinGecko Listing

April - July 2023

Stage - 02 - Ongoing

Influencer Promotions
Advertising Campaigns
Audit Solutions Platform Development
dApp Wallet Development
Major CEX Listings
Techrate Audit
Media Promotions

August - November 2024

Stage - 03 - Upcoming

DEX Integration In dApp Wallet
Media Coverage Campaigns
Blockchain TestNet Development
Blockchain Alpha Testing
Revenue Sharing Staking program
Centralised Exchange Development

December - February 2024

Stage - 04 - Upcoming

Blockchain MainNet BETA Launch
Blockchain MainNet Release
Smart Contracts Support Integration on Blockchain
NFT Smart Contract Support Integration
Centralized Exchange BETA Version Release (Web)
New Project Partnerships